Tutoring and Homework Help


Has a teacher suggested outside help for your child?  Are you tired of the homework battles? Kathi Titus Tutoring helps struggling students with reading support Is your beginning reader struggling to make sense of it all?  Do your child’s grades reflect her true potential? A little bit of help at the right time can make all the difference..

Working with you and your child’s teachers, we create a custom plan for your child’s learning.  We adapt as we go along for the best path to success..

Some children need help with basic skills, others for rapid recall of facts, and some with organization and planning. These can be addressed in once or twice weekly sessions (or more if necessary) at your home, school or public place such as the library or coffee shop.  We will work on materials I create or other materials provided by the school.  We will communicate on a regular basis to ensure the effectiveness of the work that we are doing and make suggestions for follow-up at home as needed.


Summer Tutoring


Summer tutoring program by Kathi Titus Tutoring

The summer months can be a great time to catch up or get ahead.  It is actually easier for your child to learn when he is relaxed on the summer break.  They will start school in the Fall confident of the skills and ready to tackle the year ahead.

Please contact me for more information and a no-cost phone evaluation.