This is a sampling of letters from current and former clients:


“I strongly recommend Kathi Titus Tutoring if you are looking for a tutor for your child. We have worked with Kathi for a number of years. She has been an amazing force in my children’s lives, and under her tutelage we have watched them grow into strong, confident learners. As an example, one child was really Kathi Titus Tutoring helps your child with homeworkstruggling with reading earlier this year, and clearly felt bad that it was so hard for him.  Once he started working with Kathi his reading skills developed rapidly, and, more importantly, he developed the confidence necessary to try reading things that were hard for him and push through challenging content. Now I can’t get him to stop reading everything he comes across. We all appreciate Kathi’s insight, compassion, and years of teaching experience.”



“Seldom have I hired an individual and felt more pleased with the results of their labor.  We hired Kathi to tutor our 7 year old daughter who was struggling with reading.  When we began, our daughter was 2 years behind grade level, frustrated, and with  low self-esteem regarding reading.  After one year with Kathi, our daughter is 6 months behind grade level, happy as can be, and feels that she is the best reader in the world!  She runs to the library to pick out books.  She asks me to listen to her read out loud.  She joyfully does her ‘homework’ from Kathi and says it is “easy shmeezy”.  Basically, she is a different child in regards to reading and literacy.

How did Kathi achieve this miracle?  Well, first of all she established an amazing rapport.  The two of them like each other and enjoy their time together.  My other daughters were jealous that they didn’t get an hour alone with Kathi as well!  Second, Kathi used a variety of methods and manipulatives.  This stopped boredom from occurring, but also allowed her to zero in on what methods really worked with my daughter.  Third, Kathi always had some sort of incentive system set-up so that my daughter felt that she was getting close to a shared goal.  Some incentives were as simple as what they would do the last 5 minutes of the session.  Some were hard won over months.  The point is that my daughter was kept involved and excited.

Lastly, Kathi had a larger goal than just teaching reading.  Kathi helped my daughter feel good about herself.  She felt smart.  She felt capable.  She felt understood.  And that is what a true teacher can accomplish. Kathi was flexible, communicative, reliable, a team player, and kind.  She was a happy addition to our family schedule and a warm friend to our family.  But most of all she was the woman who taught my daughter to read.  There is no greater gift I could pass on than to tell you to hire Kathi Titus and thank your lucky stars that she has entered your life.”



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